The Medium is the Message

This week, I came across this article by Erik Parker from his blog The Millennial Pastor: “Why nothing seems to get people back to church – The issue at the core of decline”. I’m a frequent reader of his blog, in fact, I translated one of his articles into German a few years ago for

At first I felt a bit angry about his thoughts, because I know congregations (or for that matter groups in general) that behave just like he describes in his article: “Most churches are, at their core, institutions formed around a social or societal commitment. The core of churches have been based on the fact that people are expected to attend because of societal pressures. And when society taught us through family, friends, neighbours, schools, workplaces, TV, movies, newspapers, courthouses, and governments that being church attenders was important, churches organized around social commitment worked well.”

Well, it doesn’t work anymore. Or does it? „The Medium is the Message“ weiterlesen